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Instructor of fine art drawing, heroic figure drawing, inking with croquill & brush, human & animal anatomy, sequential art & cartooning, Scott Hanna is a busy professional artist & top inker in the graphic novel industry.  His drawing & inking work appears monthly in print for a number of superhero graphic novels and comics. One of the most prolific artists in the field, Mr. Hanna has inked well over 100 graphic novels for the top two publishers in the industry, or approximately 22,000 pages of graphic art.

At Marvel Comics, Scott’s worked on all the top characters at the company, including the Avengers, Spider-Man, IronMan, the X-Men, Wolverine, Avengers vs. X-Men and the Hulk. He’s drawn Spider-man for fifteen years, working on almost every title starring the wall-crawler. At DC Comics, he worked on many of their major titles, including Superman, Justice League, Green Lantern Corps and Suicide Squad and most notably a five year run on Detective Comics starring Batman.

Scott Hanna was awarded "Favorite Inker" & "The Props Award" at the 2017 INKWELL award ceremony, becoming for the second time the most award winning inker in the entire history of the INKWELL awards. Scott also received the 2012 Inkwell Awards for "Most Adaptable Inker" and "Props Award, 2011 Inkwell Awards for “Favorite Inker” and “Most Adaptable Inker”, the 2010 Inkwell Award for “Most Adaptable Inker”, the 2005 Wizard Fan Award for “Best Inker” and the 2002 Eisner award for “Best Serialized Story” - Amazing Spider-Man #30-35: “Coming Home”. His work appeared in the Smithsonian Institute’s 9/11 anniversary exhibit in Washington DC with artwork from the book HEROES. He had a one man show at the Storefront Artist Project in Pittsfield, MA - "the Art of Scott Hanna", and his art was featured in a 2010 exhibit at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in NYC.

With guest appearances on national and local television, radio, museums, historical societies, libraries, the internet and national and international comic book conventions, Scott has made a name as an accomplished lecturer. He authored an article on the “inking process’ for Wizard magazine and taught sequential art at several local colleges and private art schools before launching the Arts and Fashion Institute™ in the Bucks County/Lehigh Valley area.

Scott Hanna is a third generation artist. His grandfather did manuscript and book illumination and his mother, Annette Hanna, is an award winning portrait and landscape artist. Scott majored in illustration at Pratt Institute in NYC. 

Scott Hanna client list -
Marvel Entertainment Group Intʼl - Marvel Comics, NYC    1992 to present Illustrator & inker on graphic novels & monthly comic books: Spiderman, X-Men, IronMan, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Fantastic Four, The Avengers, DareDevil, Ghost Rider, Captain America, Wolverine, Punisher. Inker on limited edition Hollywood movie tie-ins/merchandising.
ABC-TVʼs “Castle” graphic novel for season 3 finale & season 4 premiere & season 6/7.
Time/Warner Entertainment - DC Comics, NYC    1988 to present Illustrator & inker on graphic novels & monthly comic books including Batman, Legends of the Dark Knight, Shadow of the Bat, Superman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Green Lantern, Flash, Batman & Robin, Robin, Detective Comics, The Outsiders, Teen Titans, etc. Inker on limited edition Batman movie tie-ins & merchandising.
TV Guide  Inker on Spiderman magazine cover, issue for week of April 27-May 3, 2002
Wizard Magazine (national magazine for movie, comic & toy trades)    2003 Wrote & illustrated article on methods & stages in graphic novel visual story telling.

Scott Hanna TV appearances -
Regular guest appearances on WFMZ-TV
Comcast Headline News Interview on Michener exhibit - “Art of the Graphic Novel”, 2010 “Geeks With Issues” (cable TV program) Guest speaker on talk show - Berkshire, MA 2009
Home Shopping Club Spokesperson/guest artist for comic book sales - 1995
QVC Network Spokesperson/guest artist for comic book memorabilia sales - 1993-4
NY1 News (NYCʼs 24 hr news) Featured interview on Batman storyline “Knightfall” 1993 Also many podcasts, youtube interviews & dozens of local news stories.

Scott Hanna gallery exhibits -
Cartoon Art Museum,
San Francisco  A tribute to Mike Mignola's "Hellboy"   Winter 2018
Society of Illustrators, NYC  The Art of Spiderman     Summer 2017
ArtsQuest SteelStacks, Bethlehem PA  The Art of Scott Hanna   Spring 2015
Amadora International Comics Festival, Amadora Portugal   Oct-Nov 2014
Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, NYC “Spider-Man: 25 Yrs of Amazing”    2010
“Color of Comics” exhibit - Bronx NY, toured Philadelphia, Miami & Africa    2010
S.A.P. Gallery, Pittsfield, MA - “The Art of Scott Hanna”    2009
Mixed Media Gallery, Doylestown, PA - “Scott Hanna & Annette Hanna”    2006
Smithsonian National Museum, Wash DC “September 11: Bearing Witness to History”    2002

Scott Hanna industry awards -
“Inkwell” awards: 2017 Favorite Inker, 2017 Props Award, 2012 Most Adaptable Inker, 2012 Props Award,  2011 Favorite Inker, 2011 Most Adaptable Inker, 2010 Most Adaptable Inker, Wizard Magazineʼs Wizard Fan award: 2004 Best Inker, Eisner award: 2002 Best Serialized Story

Scott Hanna teaching experience -
Arts and Fashion Institute™-Figure Drawing, Artistic Anatomy, Still Life, Sequential Art, and Cartooning classes. 2012-present.
Baum School of Art/Lehigh Carbon CC Figure Drawing & Sequential Art workshop. 2010-11
Allentown Art Museum Taught sequential art, visual story telling, illustration. 2007, 2010
Michener Museum Doylestown Taught college & HS instructors how to use
          graphic novel format to inspire students.2010
Bucks County Library System Taught children sequential art & visual story-telling. 2017, 2012, 2010, 2006
Michener Museum Doylestown Taught sequential art, visual story telling, and illustration     
          and lectured on animation. 2016, 2014, 2006
Bucks County Community College Taught continuing ed classes in sequential art. 2002

Scott Hanna Teaching Philosophy -
"I believe every student must strive to put visual variety, excitement, focus & energy into their art and learn strong fundamentals, such as anatomy, lighting, composition & draftsmanship in order to develop their own unique styles. Art is a lifelong pursuit with perpetual growth & sharing."

Scott Hanna's education & professional apprenticeships -
- 1980-84 for BFA in Communication Design & Illustration - studied under renowned illustrator Barron Storrey (now teaching at Art Center in CA)
Carl Lundgren - illustrator of sci-fi/fantasy covers (now w/Rock&Roll Hall of Fame) 1983-4
Rick Bryant - fine art illustrator & comic artist 1985

Pamela Ptak is the owner/designer of the Ready-To-Wear fashion line “Pamela Ptak.”, which creates ladies dresses & separates with intriguing and unusual lines, textures & motifs. She also designs custom couture gowns with architectural forms under the label “Ptak Couture™”. See also www.pamelaptak.com

To understand Pamela Ptak's level of design skill, knowledge, enthusiasm
& professionalism, simply turn to the fashion experts & writers who have given her work their public critique.

•  During a taped interview for the Lifetime television program "Project Runway" celebrated mentor Tim Gunn told Pamela Ptak "These are among the most beautifully constructed clothes I've ever seen." and followed with "I think you are on the cusp of something big."

•  From writer Jennifer Smith Tapp..."Bucks County resident and couturier Pamela Ptak is in the business of making wedding and holiday-in-Capri fantasies come true." and "More proof that the stars in the fashion galaxy do not all shine in New York City or Paris.”

•  And Kathryn Clark writes...“Bucks County couturier Pamela Ptak lives, breathes, loves and creates high fashion…An ocean away from Paris, she nevertheless designs clothing in the tradition of Haute Couture, using the old French methods for draping and handwork."

Pamela Ptak received her bachelors degree in Art & Design from Pratt Institute and did further studies in fashion design and pattern making at the French founded Maison Sapho School of Dressmaking & Design and at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City...a total of 8 years of higher education.

Pamela has worked as a pattern maker, draper & sample maker for NYC fashion designers on collections for their NYC RTW shows as well as Paris Haute Couture collections. (See list below.) She currently works freelance for several NYC designers doing conceptual work, design, sample making and helping them set their factory standards for design & construction.

She’s a frequent lecturer on design & creativity across the US, owner of the Arts and Fashion Institute™ www.ArtsandFashionInstitute.com , a fashion study program initiated in 2003 to inspire and advance the skills of fashion design professionals, fashion college grads and fine sewing enthusiasts which now includes instruction in fine arts and comic book arts. She is the author of “Fashion Portfolios 101: Presentation Techniques for Independent Designers & Dressmakers” (Glass Lane Press, 2003) (available through her studio) which she wrote to assist home sewers wishing to establish their own home-based fashion design businesses.

Her fashion illustrations have been included in exhibitions & exhibit catalogs at Le Musee des Arts Asiatique in Nice, France, at the Puck Gallery in NYC and on the ABC-TV program “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. Her work & studio were featured on Lifetime TV when she was a fashion designer on Project Runway Season 7. Her studio was featured on WLVT-TV’s PBS program Tempo and she has been profiled on WWW.VIVMAG.COMWWW.SOCOMAGAZINE.COM, featured in print in the Feb/March 2010 issue of Soco Magazine and the Fall Couture Fashion issue of Bucks magazine. Her garments have graced the cover & cover stories in several annual couture issues of Stitches Magazine from 2012-2015. Her newspaper write-ups are too numerous to list, but you may read a small selection on the press page at www.pamelaptak.com

Teaching Philosophy

To assist each student in the development of  their own individual voice & vision while training them with the highest & most competitive artistic & aesthetic standards. To present every conceivable technique which students can utilize in their personal design. To empower them to find the greatness within them.

BFA Pratt Institute, NYC (graduated with high honors)
Fashion Institute of Technology (maintained 4.0)
Maison Sapho School of French Dressmaking & Design

Teaching Experience
Arts and Fashion Institute™ - Fashion Draping, Pattern Making, Fashion Illustration, Creative Sewing, Couture Corseted Evening Wear, Haute Couture Textures, and her own Radical Free Draping™ and Radical Pattern Design
LCCC/Baum School of Art, Lehigh Cty – Fashion Draping, Flat Pattern Making, Illustration
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA – Designed & taught Couture Corseted Evening Wear classes for the Graduate Degree Program, then trained my replacement instructors. Designed & taught lingerie specialization.

Professional Experience
1994 – Present, “Pamela Ptak” and “Ptak Couture”, women’s RTW and couture line
2017-18 – pattern maker/sample maker for curvy women's knitwear line
2017-18 – designer/pattern maker/sample maker  for new product/brand launch in NYC
2016-17 – freelance consultant for high end RTW brand & factory in NYC
Spring 2007 – custom draper & patternmaker for F/W collection of Shelley Steffee, NYC
Feb. 2003 – 2006, seasonal freelance sewing/embellishing - Chado Ralph Rucci, NYC on both his NYC Ready-to-Wear and Paris Haute Couture collections

In a past life, Project Runway designer Pamela Ptak must have been a motivational speaker. Okay, so maybe she was an evangelist, or a siren, something like that. Who can really know? What I do know is that she has charisma, and an energy that is contagious. I am sure that she puts this charisma to good use when she teaches, and based on this interview alone, I highly recommend finding any way possible to sample that, first hand. She’s a local girl, residing just north of Philly. She teaches at Drexel, Baum School of Art, and in various cities across the U.S. by way of her “Camp Couture.” She’s available to speak and teach at your sewing event. If you do hire her to speak, she’ll even stay in your spare room instead of a hotel to help save you cash. Now, how can you not want to run out and book her right away while the getting is good?

Ironically, it may have been this effervescent, magnetic and composed personality that caused her to be aufed so soon. Simply said, she was just too much of a goody two-shoes to keep on. To that possibility, she offers “You want an opponent who is going to play the game with you.” Pamela is just not in that “space”. She says she falls in love easily and in the brief time that she was on the show she fell in love with the cast. She sees herself as a Hermione Granger type with a tender heart. That nature kept her from properly defending her burlap look. “Some of the things I could have said to defend, in my impression, they would have caused harm to the heart of someone. And it would have either caused harm to the heart of a model, or it would have caused harm to the heart of a contestant whom I cared for.”

Always the teacher at heart, she had a second agenda for her time on the show. She already knew her skill level was at haute couture level, so she did not try to run practice challenges—those are pretty hard to do outside the confines of the show anyway. It’s all just too artificial to try to duplicate at home. Instead, she chose a way to prepare that was a bit unorthodox, and with a mind toward that second agenda of hers. “I did as much spiritual preparation as I could because I wanted to be a good example to my students: Behaving properly, and not cheating, or slapping someone, or stabbing them in the back. If I held to that high standard, then in my viewpoint, I won by holding to the standard that is the representation, of what a Baha’i would do in the situation.”

It was her faith that helped her find a lot of good in her not continuing on the show. She wanted to show in Bryant Park, but that was not what she had prayed for in her spiritual preparation for the show. She had prayed to God that he would help her follow His will, not hers. She had asked that if anything was bad for her on the show—bad for her soul, her body, her faith—then He should get her off. “I believe it was not the judges who got me off, because their reason for kicking me off was wrong. Didja notice? Hello? The right reason was that you threw your aesthetic out the window. So I really think it was God that got me off the show, not the judges. He used their mouths to do it.” Always the obedient girl, she was happy to go.

It was her obedience that caused her to “go” early in her career as well. Pamela had been dabbling in fashion since she was a small child. Just recently she found some of her childhood fashion collections under her grandmother’s carpet from when she was 5 years old. “It’s even got code numbers on the collection.” Yep. This one had it bad. Still, she left it all behind because of some advice she got at school. She stopped sewing altogether, save for Halloween costumes, for 15 very long years.

“The reason I actually diverged from the path of fashion design was that a very well-meaning teacher at college looked at my portfolio, saw that I could draw and paint and was a painter himself … and strongly encouraged me not to go into fashion, but to do drawing and painting—probably because he loved drawing and painting himself so much. And because I was a very goody two-shoes—you’re going to keep hearing me say that: I was a very goody two-shoes kid, I obeyed adults when they told me things. That may also be partly why when the model wanted short and tight, sporty, and whatever—why I did it too. Because being good, being obedient, being helpful, trying to please people is a part of my nature.”

Being obedient—and getting aufed—paid off this time around. Not that spending years winning design awards for her graphic art did not. It’s just that fashion has always been her first love, and now she is poised to launch herself into the field with the push of Project Runway’s publicity to propel her forward. Being aufed early has afforded her time, and permission, to do things she could not have done had she stayed on longer. “Many, many good things are happening: Getting a showroom in NYC. Showing at Coterie. If I had stayed on for 5 or 6 weeks, it couldn’t have happened, because I would have been in the limbo of nobody knowing I’m off.”

Now that she is off, she is free to root for her favorite to win, and she was very frank about the topic as she gushed about the skill level of the contestants. However, only one can win. She says she likes Ben or Jay or Ping (because of her vision), to win. “I really tend toward designers who actually have skill at pattern making, not just surface decoration. I think surface decoration is beautiful, but if you are working with a silhouette that just every single time: Match the body, stick some stuff on it. Match the body, stick some stuff on it; anybody can do that. They just have to get skill at technical surfaces. To do things that form differently around the body, that to me is much more challenging.”

She certainly has enough ahead of her to provide ample challenges as she moves forward with her ready-to-wear line. “This time it will be 100% my vision, and nobody else will own the clothes.” She says she also brought back a lesson for her students: “You don’t always win, but that doesn’t mean don’t try.” She laughs and adds “I’m a glass half full, can you tell?” Yes, Pamela. We can tell, and we can’t wait for you to spill that half-full glass all over the fashion world.